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Novial sarcomas are the s-100 protein (figure 2a ), smooth muscle actin (figure 2b ), bcl-2, and cd-99. buy generic viagra usa Such tumors can also show positivity for 2–100 protein and desmin. Recently, molecular biology and cytogenetic techniques have been introduced into pathology study. Such techniques have led to a better understanding of the biology of synovial sarcomas, in which the translocation t(x;18) (p11,2;q11,2) has been widely studied. This translocation consists of fusion of the syt gene from chromosome 18 to the genes ssx1 and ssx2 in the region xp11 thus forming a syt-ssx1 or syt-ssx2 fusion transcript that alters the cellular transcription. 3 , 4 the biphasic types usually express the syt-ssx1 gene fusion while the monophasic type may express both. cheap viagra online canada pharmacy The presence of syt-ssx2 is only expressed by the monophasic types indicating a better prognosis. Viagra prescription expensive 3 detection of this anomaly in the tumor has a diagnostic sensitivity of 100%. 4 the optimum outcome is obtained through an aggressive surgical approach as the sarcomatous nature of these tumors shows a high degree of resistance to radiotherapy and chemotherapy. viagra buy uk cheap 2 , 5 the prognosis of synovial sarcomas does not differ from sarcomas of other locations. generic viagra legal australia Risk factors for a poor prognosis include an age of more than 20 years, female sex, incomplete resection, tumor size greater than 5 centimeters, 5 tumor necrosis, high number of mitoses, and the absence of syt-ssx1. first time viagra user 2 , 5 survival of patients with synovial sarcomas at 5 years is approximately 40%–57%, and 30% at 10 years. Tumor development is slow and local recurrence rate is reported at up to 60% in some series after complete resection.    references top abstract introduction case report discussion references   guccion jg, rosen sh. viagra used by women Bronchopulmonary leiomyosarcoma and fibrosarcoma. buy cheap viagra A study of 32 cases and review of the literature. Cancer 1972;30:836–47. [medline] etienne-mastroianni b, falchero l, chalabreysse l, loire r, ranchere d, souquet pj, et al. generic viagra online Primary sarcomas of the lung: a clinicopathologic study of 12 cases. cheapest viagra online pharmacy Lung cancer 2002;38:283–9. Viagra blurred vision permanent [medline] mikami y, nakajima m, hashimoto h, kuwabara k, sasao y, manabe t. cheap daily viagra Primary poorly differentiated monophasic synovial sarcoma of the lung. viagra buy online without prescription A case report with immunohistochemical and genetic studies. viagra buy uk cheap Pathol res pract 2003;199:827–33. buy cheap viagra online [medline] terasaki h, niki t, hasegawa t, yamada t, suzuki k, kusumoto m, et al. viagra buy uk cheap Primary synovial sarcoma of the lung: a case report confirmed by molecular detection of syt-ssx fusion gene transcripts. Viagra daily dose price Jpn j clin oncol 2001;31:212–16. cheap viagra india [abstract/free . viagra viagra price buy viagra cheap   Copyright © 2012 - Fantastiko Tekstil | All Rights Reserved | e-mail | Powered by Viper