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E active summer months will now attempt to make their way out through the eliminative channels of the colon, kidneys, lungs and skin. Allergies, colds, fevers and flu are nature’s way of getting rid of toxic wastes that usually originate in the digestive tract. cost of viagra 10mg Refined, processed, protein-rich foods such as pasteurized dairy products, fatty meats, white flour, sugar, salt and hydrogenated oils can be difficult to digest and often stick to the lining of the colon, creating an acidic, anaerobic environment that is perfect for harmful bacteria, viruses and parasites to thrive. order viagra online Undigested food particles and harmful microbes irritate the tissues, causing inflammation and a buildup of mucus in the digestive tract. If not eliminated through the bowel in a timely manner, this toxin-laden mucus will eventually make its way out through the sinuses and lungs. cost of viagra 10mg With a more natural diet that includes fiber-rich, unprocessed organic whole grains, vegetables and fruits, the body will eliminate digestive waste from a meal within 24 hours after eating. cost of viagra 10mg For most people, that would amount to three bowel movements a day. how to buy generic viagra However, on the typical american diet described above, it can take up to 72 hours to process a meal. discount generic viagra 100 mg This leaves ample time for disease to set in. viagra 10 mg price Cold, flu and allergy symptoms are the body’s attempts to cleanse itself of toxins. If we take medications that are designed to suppress these symptoms, then the body cannot detox properly, creating potentially more serious problems later on. can you buy viagra over counter us Antibiotics are of particular concern because they do not discriminate between the harmful bacteria and the beneficial bacteria in the intestines that are essential for a healthy immune system. viagra for sale In the fall, when fresh fruits and vegetables are not as abundant and the cooler weather compels us to eat warmer foods such as soups, meats and root vegetables, we can avoid toxic buildup and resulting disease by taking digestive enzyme supplements and proactively cleansing the colon. A three-to-four-day juice fast in the early fall is. viagra samples generic viagra for sale in usa




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